• P+F Thru-beam sensor LD28/LV28-F1-3057/35/47/115b

    P+F Thru-beam sensor LD28/LV28-F1-3057/35/47/115b

    Thru-beam sensor


P+F Thru-beam sensor LD28/LV28-F1-3057/35/47/115b

Ultra bright LEDs for power on, weak signal indication and switching state

Highly visible LED as alignment aid in receiver optics

Delivery status: Light on switching

Emitter deactivation

Various transmitter frequencies

Not sensitive to ambient light, even with switched energy saving lamps

Waterproof, degree of protection IP67

Protection class II

General specifications

Effective detection range    0 ... 65 m    

Threshold detection range    90 m    

Light source    LED    

Light type    modulated visible red light , 660 nm    

Alignment aid    LED red (in receiver lens)
illuminated constantly: beam is interrupted,
flashes: reaching switching point,
off: sufficient stability control    

Transmitter frequency    F1 = 25 kHz    

Diameter of the light spot    approx. 1.3 m at 65 m    

Angle of divergence    Emitter 1.2°,
Receiver 5°    

Ambient light limit    50000 Lux    

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